Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knife is composed from zirconium oxide ceramic, which is known as "Ceramic Steel". It is a great knife to any modern kitchen. Compared with the metal knives, it has the unmatchable advantages:
◇ Ultra-sharp Edge. It can amaze you at slicing meat as thin as paper.
◇ High hardness, high resistance to wear. It is as hard as HRA87 while its wear resistance is 60 times of metal knives.
◇ Free from dust. Resistance to corrosion of various acid or alkaline organic substance.
◇ Won t stain, clean easily. It is free-magnetic, completely impact and no porosity.
◇ Keep the food s primary color and flavor. For its chemical stability, it can hardly react with any foods.
◇ Snow-white, pearly and spotless.
New era, new material- this green environmental protection concept is fully demonstrated by ceramic knife. It is a new masterpiece made by the advanced technology to the modern society.