About Tungsten Ring

Tungsten alone, is an alloy that has been known and used for years; the manufacturing industry uses tungsten to make tools and machinery. But tungsten was introduced to the jewelry industry only a few years ago. It s popularity has sky rocketed, making tungsten wedding bands one of the hottest trends in the jewelry market today!


The alloy tungsten alone is a very dense metal and is subject to scratch like any other metal. But when tungsten is combined with carbon alloys at an amazing 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit, Tungsten Carbide (TC) is formed- the hardest metal known. Tungsten Carbide is a virtually indestructible and scratch-resistant metal that will guarantee to keep it s shine for as long as your commitment to each other.

Tungsten is approximately 10x harder than 18k gold, and 4x harder than titanium. A tungsten carbide ring will give you more "bang for you buck". Your ring is guaranteed to keep it s durability and shine forever with no upkeep, unlike 18k gold and platinum that will require frequent rhodium plating.

Tungsten carbide bands are virtually scratch resistant; however, they can be scratched under extreme pressures, such as with diamond composite or with corundum. Although it is highly unlikely that your piece will obtain any scratches or blemishes, this event will be covered by our Lifetime Warranty.