Q: I like your Tungsten jewelry, will be purchased directly from the site it?
A: Web site shopping system is only available to wholesale customers, the network of retail customers can go to  the company's Taobao shop.

Q: Some of the products you sell models with the same market, but why they are more expensive than you?
A: Paul Lai Jewelry aim is to excellence, our products are all exported to Europe made of the highest technological standards.

Q: Tungsten jewelry will fade?
A: Our products are exported to Europe in order to process the request made of the quality requirements of the highest international level, tungsten jewelry never fade, never worn, forever shine.

Q: Your company can provide OEM production?
A: Our company professional supplier of high quality in addition to tungsten steel and ceramic materials rings, bracelets, watches and other products, but also undertake OEM and ODM customers in the production orders.